Travel FAQ

Travel FAQ

I’ve been getting asked by a lot of people what I’m up to. If you follow along with my Instagram stories, you get a glimpse into my everyday activities, but I thought I’d write some of it down and elaborate.


Q: What do you do for money when you are traveling?

A: I have a full time job! I am a project manager for a general contractor and I am able to work remotely doing that.  I work mostly off of my phone and I hop on my computer when I can find Wifi.


Q: How do you work while you are traveling?

A: It’s hard to not find a Wifi connection these days. Almost any restaurant or coffee shop has it, I’ve even gotten them at gas station and rest stops before. Some places that I frequent are Starbucks, Panera and McDonalds. Sometimes the connection is strong enough that I can park close to the store and just work in my car. That’s good for when I just need to do a few things and don’t want to spend any money at the location. (I’m doing that right now at a McDonalds)

Q: How do you find places to sleep?

A: I use a combination of ways to figure out where I am going to stay at night. I use all the time and I love that! I also cross reference with the state rest areas. I know that *most* Walmarts, Cracker-barrels and Casinos you can stay in their parking lots. Also any truck stop. My rule though is that I HAVE to have phone service wherever I stay since I travel mostly solo. Although it isn’t luxurious, I prefer to stay at places that are well lit and have surveillance.


Q: How do you stay safe?

A: I go with my best judgement and use common sense. Never put yourself in a situation that doesn’t feel right. I’ve left places that I went to stay because they felt sketchy or someone was creepy. I have pepper spray and a knife on me at all times, plus all sorts of things for weapons at ever spot and door of my car. It’s better to be over prepared and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Again, I don’t stop places that I don’t have service for long periods of time. If I’m going to the gas station or grocery store, I always lock my door and bring my purse with me or put it out of site. You don’t want to give someone a reason to break into your car, so hide everything as best as possible. A rule for myself is to never tell anyone that I am traveling alone. People are nosey, especially when you have out of state plates, again, use your best judgement.


Q: What do you do for food?

A: I am bad about food. I eat at restaurants along my route a lot, especially since I have a paycheck coming in. I do have a cooler that I got on amazon that has a car charger so it eliminates the need to constantly get ice. I get the prepackaged bags of salad, baby carrots and snap peas. I also make PB&J a lot. I have a mini propane heater that I could use, but admittedly, I have never used it. I’m sure I would use it a lot more if I drank coffee or wanted to eat some ramen or something like that. I eat larabars in the morning for my breakfast. I’m not one to ask about eating a balanced meal while on the road, because that is one area that I am severely lacking in.


Q: What do you do for personal hygiene?

A: I will brush my teeth and change into my pjs usually at any of the places that I stay at night. If they don’t have a facility then I will usually go to a near by gas station or fast food restaurant. I got a planet fitness membership so that I can shower at any of their locations. You could also shower at a majority of the rest areas (I’ve found that Pilots have the best showers, but you usually have to wait a while for one of them to open) ALWAYS wear flip flops when you take a shower. I’ve even taken sponge baths and washed my hair in rest area sinks before (talk about a challenging adventure). Dry shampoo and baby wipes are good friends of mine. I’m not one of those people who have to shower every day to begin with so i’m okay with a little stank. Sorry I’m not sorry. Lol I’ll go to the bathroom at rest stops, fast food restaurants, gas  stations, camp sites and just straight up in the woods.

Q: How much of the trip do you plan?

A: Not a lot of it. The idea behind this for me is more of a wandering trip. The more structured it is for me the more that I feel stress to get everything accomplished. I’ll look up touristy things to do in each state and highlight the ones that really stand out to me. I also have to plan my route accordingly so that I know I will have cell service throughout my drive during business hours since I have a job that is dependent on that. Otherwise I take my time and enjoy my surroundings. Some days I drive 2 hours, other days I drive 8, but the best part is that I can do whatever I want, very freeing!

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