BLOOM: A Summer Paper Flower Workshop

Very excited to be partnering with Iman Project on June 23rd to create beautiful paper flowers!!

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” Join us for a magical afternoon at Little House on Routh as we BLOOM….where we are planted and create our very own paper flowers. All in attendance will learn how to cut and assemble flowers made from paper. You can choose your colors & style and they can be unique and as beautiful as you are. All Materials, supplies & Instructions for the craft will be included.  “

2018 Road Trip Pictures

A few snippets of an awesome life adventure traveling the United States in my trusty 2016 Honda CRV

First time road trip in my trusty new car with my sister grace. We went to Slab City in Southern California.

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Car Living Set Up

It’s been a year since I first started “living” in my car. I traveled the country and slept in my 2016 Honda CRV alongside of my little Morkie puppy. It started off as a very ghetto set up and has morphed into a slightly less ghetto set up. If I were to make this a more permanent thing, I would change things and add things, but for my casual traveling of the country it works like a charm. I was going to go through every inch of the car but it got very hot out quick and the mosquitoes started to feast on me so this is it for now. Enjoy!

Murphy’s Fortress is the entire bed. He allows me to sleep in it, but all other times it is his domain.
A great friend of mine made me a platform frame to put my Ikea mattress on when I was a month into my trip. I told him I needed it to last me a few weeks so he made a rough frame for me out of pallet wood and a piece of plywood. The few weeks that I needed it for turned into a year and it’s been a total trooper. I have old towels laid on top of the plywood so I don’t get splinters in the mattress,

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The start of it all..

I have always felt comfortable in my cars. They have always felt like a safe space that was all mine. The first time I slept in my car was a few years ago when there was a fire going thru my town and I needed to escape the smoke.  My sister and I loaded a ton of blankets into the back on my 2004 Honda CRV and headed out of town. We ended up on a forest road and tried to make ourselves comfortable. All I had for protection was a pair of scissors and a bottle of perfume I could use in place of pepper spray. I’ve come a long way since then with my car living experiences, but I do still have scissors for protection and still love a forest service road to set up for the night.

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Spring Workshop

Let’s embrace Spring and create a beautiful floral wreath with watercolors. In this workshop, attendees will learn basic techinques of watercolor to paint a Spring wreath. Workshop tickets will include all materials, supplies and instruction for the craft, as well as one coffee from Peaberry Coffee in Dallas, TX. So E X C I T E D to be partnering with @18.20 crafts!

Travel FAQ

Travel FAQ

I’ve been getting asked by a lot of people what I’m up to. If you follow along with my Instagram stories, you get a glimpse into my everyday activities, but I thought I’d write some of it down and elaborate.

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